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Model: WR-LED150B
Name: LED Zoom imaging light

product description 

The product's optics, structure, and software are designed by top international engineers.

Light source adopts imported LED light source, long life, high light efficiency.

Light source heat dissipation adopts the heat sink made of pure aluminum and its thermal conductivity is 2.5 times that of ordinary aluminum. It uses an ultra-quiet fan.

The lamp body is made of aluminum alloy material, making the installation operation light and convenient.

Special statement

⊙ This product's demand for different places, color temperature, display index, brightness, lamp body color, etc., can be produced according to customer requirements.

⊙ The input voltage of the product can be multi-phased with each other, and the number of strings can be up to 8 in each group.

Technical Parameters

150W LED Zoom Imaging Light

Model: LED1C3-19° -30°(21°-50°)

       LED1C5-19° -30° (21° -50°)

Power Supply: AC220V/110V 50/60HZ

Power: 200W

Light source: LED150W×1

Color temperature: LED1C3 3200K±5% (low color temperature)

       LED1C5 5600K ± 5% (high color temperature)

Color rendering index: Ra>90

Control Protocol: DMX512. Digital Dimming 0~100%

Control channel: 2 (dimming, strobe)

Lamp temperature: ≤60°C

Cooling system: silent air cooling

Weight: 11KG

Accessories: One signal line, one color paper clip