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Stage Lighting Technician Academy: Stage Lighting Control Techniques
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The success of theater lighting design is based on the proper handling of stage lighting. The stage lighting not only lightens the actor, allows the audience to see the facial expressions, expressions and movements, but more importantly, fully utilizes the lighting technology and mobilizes the lighting operation to strengthen the artistic effects and make the audience feel immersed. Stage lighting installation location, function and lighting configuration The stage lighting is divided into two types according to its use function: dimmable dimming loop; non-dimmable direct loop.

After the light is used up, the light bulb will absorb the water molecules in the air during the heat-cooling process. The water molecules will stay on the glass bulb of the light bulb to gather. When you suddenly light up the light bulb, the water molecules on the glass shell are just like the effect of water injection in the hot oil pan. The bulb explosion is also a matter of course.

I believe that the friend who photographed the concert is also a music lover, that is, when taking pictures, he can feel the music with his body at the same time, which will make it easier to enter the state. Of course, no matter what type of shooting you need, you need basic photography. This requires peace of mind. Stage photography is not only interesting but also easy to get started. There are many large and small performance venues now. If you are interested, you can buy a ticket to go and listen to music and you can also practice stage photography.

The use of computer lights and consoles in municipal television stations is limited financial resources, financial constraints, when the acquisition of computer lights and console equipment is often purchased in batches, often resulting in the configuration of a small number of computer lights, but miscellaneous models, Product performance is uneven, causing some difficulties and difficulties for use. Especially the control part is often the first batch of scanners purchased.