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Lighting Professional Analysis and Skill Training
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Core Tip: One of the creators of TV images, also known as the "Lighting Master," uses a variety of professional lighting fixtures to create various "light and shadow effects" based on the needs of different image art styles. The use of light and shade for ingenious picture composition is a very important means of representation in the creation of image art.

Job Responsibilities:

To understand the spatial status of the performance scene in detail, it is necessary to obtain the floor plan, profile data of the performance environment space, the height, width, stage depth data of the theater stage, etc.;

It is necessary to know the condition of the equipment, such as the length of the boom, the arrangement pitch, the order number, the plane position, the electricity load, etc.; stage lighting

Should understand the script and creative ideas, identify typical characters, plot changes, conflicts, imagine the necessary environment, determine the appropriate performance methods and expressions of performance, and think about how to achieve the stage effect that matches the plot.

Consider the performance of time and space conversions.

Skill requirements:

Familiar with learning, good communication skills, rigorous style of work, full of team spirit, able to work under pressure, hard-working;

Familiar with stage, theater lighting system design, installation, commissioning, maintenance, maintenance and hangers, cages;

Familiar with the professional knowledge of stage lighting or film and television lighting;

Familiar with related lighting editing software, familiar with the lighting production process of exhibitions, performances, etc., and understand the basic principles of the dance lighting, skilled use of various types of lighting equipment and technology is preferred;

Passionate, courageous to face challenges and pressures;

Down-to-earth, pragmatic, active and creative;

Good communication skills, service awareness and team spirit.

Practice artifacts:

Automated Lighting Programmer's Manual

Lighting Designer's Practical Lighting Design and Programming

"Stage lighting"

"Stage lighting design summary"